It's only Rock and Roll but I LOVE it!

It’s been a minute since I worked on a rock poster but I this week I landed two! I had a blast working on the first poster for the amazing Liz Phair and her opening band Speedy Ortiz.

Worked up a bunch of sketches and zeroed in on this fun summer image with Arlene Owseichek, the wonderful AD for Bill Graham Presents. “It’s Our Summer Now” was our mantra. I was trying to do something that captured the spirit of her sound and how the music makes you feel, without doing a likeness or showing her playing the guitar.

FUN working through some to the challenges of drawing this entirely on my iPad, but SATISFYING to figure out how to do something of this size and resolution, keeping the spirit of my initial sketch.

After setting up the aerial view of the guitar pool and it’s heart shaped tiles I enjoyed going to town on the characters and animals trying to set that look at me I’m finally relaxing in the park” in the park flavor we get during or lovely Septembers here. I included my friend’s dog Gonzo, and I had a good time creating relationships and backstories for the characters. The gay couple on the right are, as it turns out, the first gay characters in a Fillmore poster ever(!!).

I made a mad dash to get to the concert after the illustration class I’m teaching at CCA let out, racing across the Bay Bridge and through undulating maze of San Francisco and found a parking space right around the corner from the Fillmore. That should have been my first clue, I never find street parking over there! Then I turned the corner and saw wave of the happy concert goers pouring out of the theatre . Everyone had a poster (!) but I hadn’t seen it printed yet, so I was careening and craning all over the place to get a look at them in the dark before I finally I foisted myself on a couple of them saying “hey, how’d that poster turn out, anyway?” It looked beautiful and I got a few high fives and signed a couple outside and and eventually a stack inside the Fillmore for their foundation.

I LOVE that the Fillmore still hands these posters out for free after their shows. It’s such a great tradition! That and the apples before the shows! I wonder if they still do give away the apples? What a great venue!

As always it’s also still a great surreal thrill seeing my work in the hands of actual throngs! Some things never get old.

The second poster is still under wraps… but hint — it’s for another guitar great with an amazing definitive sound that is an absolute time portal for your ears. When I go to that show, I’ll find out about the apples?

“It’s Our Summer Now” Liz Phair, Speedy Ortiz @ the Fillmore Sept 20, 2018

“It’s Our Summer Now” Liz Phair, Speedy Ortiz @ the Fillmore Sept 20, 2018